Dynamic Thought and Psychic Self-Defence

This book brings together two works. The first, by Henry Thomas Hamblin, consists of a twelve-week course aimed at developing will-power, mental and spiritual awareness, optimism, success, prosperity, harmony, and peace of mind through techniques of meditation, visualisation, and willed affirmation and denial. The second, by Dion Fortune, gives valuable instruction on how to understand the signs of psychic attack, and how to protect against and overcome it. Together these works provide a rounded course in self-mastery that will transform and strengthen one’s life, mind, and soul.


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The Way to Will-Power

“Forming a new habit is like forging for yourself a new path in the woods, through stubborn underbrush and prickly thorns, while all the while it is possible for you to take the well-worn, hard-trodden, pleasant path that already exists. But you can reflect that every time you travel through the new path you are going to tramp down more shrubbery and clear more entanglements from the way.”

In this brilliant and serious-minded guide to gaining, or regaining, self-control, Hazlitt expounds a personal ethics based on ancient principles that will help the reader improve his life and standing.


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The Witchfinder

“The crowd was there—the living crowd eager for death—palpitating with excitement—each heart beating with one pitiless feeling of greedy cruelty. And the bells still rang ceaselessly their merry, joyous, fête-like peal.”

After nightfall, in the market-place of Hammelburg, the wretched and crippled form of the witchfinder crouches alone before the smoking cinders of his latest victim. Bloodlust and vengeful bitterness, mistaken in himself for holy zeal, are yet unsated. In him there stirs already the desire to seek another. But for this poor creature, both tormentor and tormented, relief may yet come in a way unexpected.

witchcraft burnt at the stake

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