The Book of Witches

In this remarkable work, O.M. Hueffer casts both a searching and sympathetic eye upon witchcraft through the ages. “I have attempted nothing so ambitious as a large-scale Ordnance Map of Witchland,” he writes, “rather I have endeavoured to produce a picture from which a general impression may be gained. I have chosen, that is to say, from the enormous mass of material only so much as seemed necessary for my immediate purpose, and on my lack of judgment be the blame for any undesirable hiatus. I have sought, again, to show whence the witch came and why, as well as what she was and is; to point out, further, how necessary she is and must be to the happiness of mankind, and how great the responsibility of those who, disbelieving in her themselves, seek to infect others with their scepticism. We have few picturesque excrescences left upon this age of smoothly-running machine-wheels, certainly we cannot spare one of the most time-honoured and romantic of any.”

witchcraft spells history of witchcraft

The sixteen chapters are as follows:

I. On a Possible Revival of Witchcraft
II. A Sabbath-General
III. The Origins of the Witch
IV. The Half-Way Worlds
V. The Witch’s Attributes
VI. Some Representative English Witches
VII. The Witch of Antiquity
VIII. The Witch in Greece and Rome
IX. The From Paganism to Christianity
X. The Witch-Bull and Its Effects
XI. The Later Persecutions in England
XII. Persecutions in Scotland
XIII. Other Persecutions
XIV. Philtres, Charms and Potions
XV. The Witch in Fiction
XVI. Some Witches of To-Day

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Sun- and Moonlore

Herewith a trove of myths, legends, and folklore concerning the sun and the moon, gathered through the scholarship of William Tyler Olcott and Timothy Harley, making for a book that is sure to edify, fascinate, and delight.

sun and moonlore mythology luna

The contents are as follows:

I. Solar Creation Myths
II. Ancient Ideas of the Sun and the Moon
III. Solar Mythology
IV. Solar Mythology (Continued)
V. Solar Folklore
VI. Sun-Worship
VII. Sun-Worship (Continued)
VIII. Sun-Catcher Myths
IX. Solar Festivals
X. Solar Omens, Traditions, and Superstitions
XI. Solar Significance of Burial Customs & Orientation
XII. Emblematic and Symbolic Forms of the Sun
XIII. The Sun Revealed by Science

❖ Moon Spots
I. Introduction
II. The Man in the Moon
III. The Woman in the Moon
IV. The Hare in the Moon
V. The Toad in the Moon
VI. Other Moon Myths
❖ Moon-Worship
I. Introduction
II. The Moon Mostly a Male Deity
III. The Moon a World-Wide Deity
IV. The Moon a Water Deity
❖ Moon Superstitions
I. Introduction
II. Lunar Fancies
III. Lunar Eclipses
IV. Lunar Influences
❖ Moon Inhabitation

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